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Custom Abutments

Custom abutments are, as the name implies, customized especially for your patients. These abutments can be precisely customized to fit the crest of the tissue and they may be gold-colored or constructed of zirconia to better match their teeths.

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With our full-service digital dental lab services company, clients can choose from a variety of materials based on their needs, which is advantageous for you as well as your patients.

“NETE has beyond my expectation for high-quality work, seamless processes, and excellent customer service.”
Dentist, Texas, U.S.


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"The product looks great! Quick turnaround. Great customer service"

Eden P.
Manchester, NH

"Excellent service with instructions followed accurately and final restoration delivered without complications."

Megan P.
Miami, FL

"The greatest dental lab I've ever used in the US. The quality of material, work, and service are top-notch!"

Taylor L.
Westminster, CO

"It was good. The Crown fit well and was made as I ordered it, thanks"

Dale S.
Seattle, WA

"Not only the best pricing but the 
good quality, well-informed staff, and attention to detail are second to none!"

Louis T.
San Antonio, TX

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When the doctor and the lab work together, the possibilities of gaining a profit increase significantly. Speed up production with help from us to increase productivity and improve the efficiency of your work.