NETE Design Services

Experience a high level of dental design service with a powerful, unique, and innovative 3D design

cutting-edge 3D design

Advance your dental laboratories with our cutting-edge technology 3D design services


Expert Designers

Give your dental patients the smile
they desire with our expert designers.

Consistent Quality

Get the same top quality as the same experts handling your case every time.


Receive skilled and superior designs
at a reasonable price.

NETE Design services

We give you access to the highest quality designs produced by experienced lab specialists.

The workflow

NETE design services are unique in that we design a seamless workflow for your dental laboratories.


Scan a patient or model with a lab scanner.


Send the scan file to your chosen design service provider. We accept STL scans from any platform.


Your design service provider is currently working on your case to create the most precise design that meets your clients' needs.


Receive the finished file through the supplier portal (turnaround depends on supplier and indication).


Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Customer reviews


"NETE Design is excellent at design,
as its name suggests!"

Paul T.
Stamford, CT

"Great detail and accuracy"

Smith E.
Lewisville, TX

"The design is esthetic and gorgeous. Thank you for your excellent service!"

Joseph G.
Beaumont, TX

"Their designers do a great job shaping the crowns for the perfect fit!"

Evi T.
Fontana, CA

"Highly recommend this service! the design is brilliant and fast work."

Tyler D.
Cleveland, OH