NETE Milling Services

Highest quality milling technology and materials

Better patient experience

Improve your patient experience with delicacy production from our milling services.


Latest material advancements

Access to the latest material advancements from expert technicians. 

premium materials

Upgrade your products with the 
premium materials from our labs.

Quick Production

With a professional milling team,
we provide you with quick production and short delivery times.

why choose us?

Our dental milling center's multi-axis CAD/CAM-controlled, vibration-free, high technologies that can produce a wide range of products with the highest level of accuracy within the short period of time. Moreover, we also provide fast delivery whether it's specialized abutments, single crowns, bridge frameworks, or telescopic crowns.

NETE milling center

In order to meet all of your needs, we provide you with
a comprehensiverange of material and color choices.

Choose Products

To start, you can simply choose product types or fill in some basic details and upload a file such as a 3D CAD or STL file.


We will start the production process and do surface finishing afterward if needed.


QC is the reactive part of what we do to make sure our work was done the right way. It ensures the final product is correct, usable, and best quality for our clients.


Start treatment as soon as your treatment product is ready.



"Very esthetic products! Our patient was very pleased with your work. I will come back to use your service once again!"

Alexa P.
Orlando, FL

"Good quality results. I will definitely start using this lab for my crown cases."

Mike R.
Dallas, TX 

"The quality of crowns is excellent, and your customer service is beyond what you would expect from any lab!"

Kim S.
San Jose, CA

"I've used NETE for a few cases. All were delivered without modifications and had stunning stained and glazed surfaces!"

Michael R.
Austin, TX

"Very well-made material. The Zirconia looked great and perfectly fit. Thank you!"

Steven T.
Miami, FL


Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.